Our Approach

The Shoop Group specializes in Developmental Coaching. Our goal is go beyond just short-term performance improvement and to help you acquire the capacity to continually generate insights into your performance, motivation, behaviours and responses so that you can take control of your own growth and development.

Most clients seek support for 6 to 12 months, typically with 2 to 3 coaching sessions per month. Frequently clients will return for more coaching at a future point when they sense they may be stuck or are facing a new challenge. Our objective is to provide the support you need at the time you want it, not to establish an ongoing dependency with your coach.

Getting started > What to expect from your coaching relationship. 

The Shoop Group works with a three phase approach 

Phase 1 – Inviting Discovery identifying the outcomes you are seeking

Identify the outcomes you are seeking as they emerge from our exploration of your work /professional history, current challenges and your longer-term aspirations. Develop a relationship of trust that is the foundation of a successful coaching engagement.

You will enhance existing strengths, acknowledge challenges and identify skills you wish to develop. You will begin to craft your personal developmental objectives and map your learning trajectory.

Phase 2 – Getting Traction – leveraging existing skills and identifying limiting behaviours

You will begin to work on existing behaviours as well as new activities that will help you achieve your desired objectives. You will develop new skills and modify existing behaviours and beliefs that place limits on your performance.

You will begin to leverage existing strengths for your success as well as developing greater insights on your self-imposed limitations. You will be consciously discovering and creating your personal leadership style.

Phase 3 - Integration developing new skills/insights - creating capacity for ongoing growth

Integrate your enhanced strengths with your increased self-awareness and emerging skills. With practise and reflection you will be developing new behaviours and insights that will help you continue to overcome emerging challenges.

You achieve a new level of personal and professional awareness, confidence and effectiveness. You are acquiring the capacity to maintain your developmental momentum and trajectory.

Next Steps

Are you capable of taking control of your own growth and development? The answer is yes! It will take commitment and some work but you can do it and we can help.

Are you ready to move to the next level, to take control of your professional success? Are you curious to know more about Developmental Coaching?

As a first step let’s arrange a phone conversation during which you will be able to get a good sense of how I approach coaching. I will also get a sense of your situation and objectives and let us both gain a sense of your readiness for coaching and change. This call is complimentary and does not present any obligations for you.

To schedule a call contact me at  or call 250.361.5772

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