We are passionate about our work with clients, helping them successfully respond to changing circumstances and to grow as individuals and organizations. We are also passionate about our own learning and growth. We engage in our work with resourcefulness and insight that comes from our unique blend of “on the ground experience” and education.

You have probably noticed that the by-line in our logo is "inviting discovery." We believe strongly that all deep, meaningful learning involves some type of discovery - about yourself, your organization or the world around you. We strive to help you make these discoveries and then to apply this learning in a manner that enhances your success.

Whether we are working with you on a complex organizational issue, a difficult conflict engagement matter or in a coaching relationship, you will find us both focused and supportive. We work with you to develop your capacity not your dependency on outside consultants. Your success is our only objective.

The Shoop Group is a boutique consulting group made up of like-minded individuals. We all have a breadth of experience and bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to your situation.

At the heart of our approach you will find appreciative inquiry, action learning as well as system thinking and integral theory. We are indebted to thought leaders such as Robert KeganJack MezirowRon HeifetzPeter VaillBill TorbertDon Polkinghorne, and Elizabeth Holloway.




  • speak truthfully and directly;
  • act with discretion and honour your privacy;
  • commit to your success;
  • support your learning and growth;
  • deliver on our promises;
  • earn your trust; and,
  • work within your budget.


Michael has over 25 years of experience working as a senior manager in the public sector in Canada and has, for several years, worked as a consultant in private practice. He has been responsible for: undertaking evaluations of sensitive public programs; establishing open consultation processes; negotiating federal/provincial contracts and major agreements with the private sector; and, creating new agencies and restructuring existing ones. Much of this work has entailed working on highly contentious and conflictual policy issues. He is recognized as a senior team player and strategic thinker based on his ability to bring individuals, with diverse agendas, together to achieve common objectives. Michael was also a key member of the Provincial Government team that helped create Vancouver’s successful bid for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Michael completed a PhD in Leadership and Change at Antioch University where his studies focused on human development, organizational learning, leadership development and Communities of Practice. His dissertation presented a dynamic model of how Communities of Practice function from the perspective of active participants. Michael was also an Adjunct Professor in the Conflict Analysis and Engagement MA Program at Antioch University Midwest from 2008 to 2014.

Michael has come to recognize and accept that conflict is a fundamental aspect of organizational dynamics. While conflict can be dysfunctional and problematic it is also a key element of a vibrant and sustainable organization. How individuals understand and recognize conflict and how they work to allow conflict to surface and be addressed as a reality of organizational life will determine their long-term success.

Michael’s consultancy specializes in change management, strategic planning, governance, organizational learning and leadership development with clients in both the public and private sectors. Michael’s particular interests include working with people holding disparate views, motivations and objectives to work together for a common purpose and supporting organizations and individuals through difficult but necessary transitions.

Michael has developed a growing coaching practice focusing on individuals in transition: wanting to move to the next level in their career, having just moved into a new position, or transitioning to a post-fulltime work life. Drawing on his own experience and education Michael has created a comprehensive approach to support clients to take control of their personal and professional growth and development. 


Formal Qualifications

PhD, Antioch University – Leadership and Change
(an interdisciplinary program)

Graduate Studies, London School of Economics
Politics, Public Policy and Labour Studies

MA, University of Victoria – Political Science

BA, University of Victoria – Political Science, History and Geography

Certificate of Conflict Management – Institute of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution, Victoria.