The Shoop Group is committed to working with you to create solutions that reflect your needs and situation. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches that force your issues into predefined “answers.” 

If we don't have the background or experience to help you we will tell you and we will help you find someone who can!



Why Coaching
May be the answer

  • Are you thinking about making a major change– perhaps a new job, a promotion or even a career shift – and want to be sure you are ready?
  • Have you just started a new job and want to get off to a great start?
  • Are you ready to achieve superior performance and greater recognition?
  • Are you a supervisor who is committed to supporting your staff to develop their full potential? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions you should seriously consider working with a coach. Modern careers are demanding and success requires that you continually up your game. Elite athletes continue to seek coaching to attain their peak potential and see coaching as necessary for optimal performance. 

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Management Consulting

  • Is your organization or business currently facing a major challenge or simply wanting to “do better?”
  • Are you looking for solutions that will work for your organization?
  • Wanting value for your money when working with a consultant?

The Shoop Group offers a range of superior services tailored to your organization’s needs. If you are currently facing a critical challenge or simply want to be better prepared to meet future challenges we can help. We offer project consulting, customized workshops and coaching in a range of areas including strategic planning, governance, public consultation, policy/procedure and meeting facilitation.

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